Shore excursions from Naples


Shore excursion to Amalfi Coast and Pompeii

Waiting for you on the pier of your ship at 8.00am (I will hold a signboard with your name) For guests who wish to enjoy an overview of the Amalfi coast, visit the charming village of Positano, explore Pompeii, which is the most important excavation in the world and shop in Sorrento a summer resort that attracts people from all over the world.

OPTION 1: Positano, Amalfi and Ravello
Drive directly to, Positano, where a picture postcard comes to life, a patchwork of flat and domed roofs and vine-covered stairways tumbling down to meet the gentle curve of beach. Enjoy time at leisure to explore this elegant town with its designer boutiques and seaside cafes, we will continue our drive to Amalfi You will discover a City that is brimming with character and overflowing with picturesque streets.
Amalfi was one of the the four most successful Maritime city-states (Amalfi, Pisa, Genoa, and Venice). Amalfi was the first to establish itself and during the 11th century the fleets of these Italian city-states began taking control of many of the maritime trade routes in the Mediterranean, you will find an extraordinary collection of Cameos, mosaics and porcelain, after lunch we will drive to Ravello where you will enjoy the view from the top of the mountain, taste the famous “Granita di Limone” a refreshing lemon slush. Return to the pier by 5.00/5.30pm

OPTION 2: Pompeii and Sorrento
Drive straight to Pompeii, which is the most important excavation in the world and lunch in Sorrento. Skirting the bay of Naples, in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius your vehicle sets out from the port on a scenic 45 minutes relaxing drive to Pompeii, where you will experience life as it was in 79 AD. with the eruption of mount Vesuvius in 79 AD the city was buried 20 feet below ash and lava until excavations began in the 18th century. Once on site you will have 2 hours to tour on foot, gaining an insight into lives of ancient romans as you stroll past baths, theaters, temples, markets and forums. I can arrange a private guide to visit the ruins, afterward we will drive to Sorrento we will recommend the best restaurant for lunch to taste local Seafood or the famous Gnocchi “alla Sorrentina”, you will find an extraordinary collection of wood works, mosaics and porcelain,. Return to the pier by 5.00/5.30pm

Please note that: Your driver/guide, even though very knowledgeable and speaking perfect English is not authorized to give tours inside museums or Archaeological site, In case you like to include a guided tour through the ruins of Pompeii, It is recommended to hire a local tour guide, just ask us we will be happy to reserve and block the guide on your behalf, you will personally pay the local guide.

Full day Shore excursion from Naples – Duration 9 hours (from 8.00am to 5.00pm), Rate from € 850.00* EUR,
(*TOTAL RATE, the price is NOT per person, this rate is from 1 up to 4 people, rate will change in case of more participants), send your detailed request via e-mail to e.g. Your Name, Date, Ship name, number of Participants.

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