Terms and Conditions

Reservations and Confirmation:

To Reserve and Confirm: 30% down payment is required at least 8 weeks prior client’s arrival in Italy, Either on-line PAYMENT IN EUROS  payment via PayPal (22% Italian tax applies) or PAYMENT IN USD equivalent (10% exchange fee applies).

Upon receipt of the agreed deposit we will consider your booking valid.

No booking will be considered confirmed if requested funds are not received 8 weeks in advance, With reference to cancellation, refund and changes, please refer to “Terms and Conditions” section of this web site.

In Italy, You will pay the outstanding balance, Payment of Outstanding balance should be in cash EUROS, we may accept your credit card in Rome, NOTE that in this case a 22% Government tax applies.

FYI: When payment in US dollars. The above mentioned 10% exchange fee applies because no bank or exchange office will change into EUR without a fee, furthermore it is a well-known fact that USD daily rate may change +/- due to the USD-EUR fluctuation/devaluation.

We recommend to exchange your currency to Euros prior to travel, in order to get the most value from your currency, be advised that you can also collect EUROS from any ATM in Italy before the end of Tour.

With your deposit you agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions expressed here, You agree to be bound by my payment policy (as posted in the provided section of this web site.) If you do not agree, do not use or access GMPT services
(Giovanni Musella Private Tours).

Rate do not include:

  • €80.00 euro GMPT Admin Office service fee,
  • 10% Bank/Exchange fee.
  • UPS/DHL postage,
  • 22% Government tax, Vat,
  • 10% DRIVER’s Gratuity,
  • Admission tickets to museums, monuments and exhibitions,
  • Tour guides gratuity, Cost of local tour guides, Cost for audio guides devices (radios),
  • Customer’s meals, food and beverages.
  • Anything NOT expressly mentioned as “INCLUDED“

Payment Options:

  • Cash Euro,
  • Cash Usd equivalent (10% Bank fee applies),
  • 30% deposit, via PayPal by credit card, in EUROS (22% Italian Tax and fees applies).

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation from 60 days to 30 days before date/time of requested service 70% refund in EUR (Read Note below*)
  • Cancellation 29 days to 10 days before date/time of requested service 40% refund in EUR
  • Cancellation from 9 to 3 days before date/time of requested service 10% refund in EUR
  • Cancellation from 72 hours to 24 hours before date/time of requested service NO REFUND
  • Cancellation less than 24 hours before date/time of requested service NO REFUND
  • NO SHOW on the date/time of requested service NO REFUND
  • Refund* issued in EURO,
  • €200.00 EUR refund issuance fee applies for admin/finance office service.

NOT REFUNDABLE: 22% Italian tax, 10% Bank/Exchange fee, All Prepaid admission tickets, such as:

– Coliseum tickets, Vatican tickets and/or Prepaid Vatican State licensed tour Guide as well as

– Vatican City tax and Italian Government tax are NOT REFUNDABLE.


Notes, Changes and Liability:

Quoted rate is NET rate, it is intended for CASH payment only.

Rates of transports, tours and excursions may be modified in the event of unforeseen increases in the cost of service.

GMPT is not responsible for bad weather conditions in general,

GMPT is not responsible for partial or total closure of museums, monuments or churches,

GMPT is not responsible for delays or irregularities caused by third parties.

GMPT reserves the right to cancel the tour without prior notice due to reasons beyond our control (natural disaster) with the only obligation of reimbursing the cost of the tour as per Art. #10 of International Convention relating to tour contracts, C.C.V. of April 23, 1970 notified by law #1084 of December 27, 1977.

Final payment (Outstanding balance) made in Euros Cash, US Dollars Cash (10% bank fee applies), Credit cards (22% tax applies). The accurate EUR/USD conversion will be calculated on the day of the service.

During some religious holidays or private ceremonies by the Pope, it is not possible to visit the Sistine Chapel or inside the Basilica.

During the visit of Churches it is kindly requested that both ladies and gentlemen dress in a manner suitable for entry in a sacred place.

Gratuities are a personal gesture and are given whenever the client fill it is necessary.


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